Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Battery packs for industrial UAVs

High capacity COTS and custom engineered battery packs for large industrial drones. Designed and built in the UK to the very highest standards.

Reliable power for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Drones are becoming increasingly common place across a range of sectors. Whether used for visual inspection of infrastructure such as wind turbines, surveying buried historical sites, spraying crops or filming stunning broadcast footage, the applications are seemingly endless. This new breed of large industrial drones provide huge challenges for the battery systems that power them. Often with as many as 12 rotors and a multitude of onboard systems, these machines are power hungry and require high energy rechargeable battery packs to provide the necessary power.

Deciding upon the most suitable power system for a specific drone is complex and there are many considerations to take into account, such as, capacity, voltage, physical size, weight and rate of discharge. Depending on the purpose of the drone, other factors may need to be considered such as tolerance to vibration, moisture and dust, as well as extremes of temperature.

In stark contrast to many other battery powered applications, should a fault be detected by the Battery Management System (BMS) the battery pack must not fully shut down immediately, but rather continue to provide limited power to enable the UAV to navigate to a controlled landing in a safe location. In addition, due to the airborne nature of a drone and therefor in line with all other aircraft within the aerospace industry, there must be potential for built-in redundancy. It is often the case that UAVs will also house primary (single use) battery packs for back-up safety functionality.

Our engineers are well versed in such challenging requirements, and have enormous experience and expertise in designing battery packs that provide the best combination of performance factors for a given application and environment.

Why Steatite?

As one of the UK’s leading battery pack manufacturers, Steatite has a track record of engineering battery packs to power complex and demanding applications in some of the most hostile environments on earth. Our expertise extends across the entire manufacturing process from initial design to control electronics and enclosures.

We partner with leading cell manufacturers covering all main cell chemistries, enabling us to provide the correct cell based on our customers specific requirements. This is particularly important with aerial vehicles because their uses, and therefore power requirements, are so diverse. Whether designed to carry payload over short distances or for surveillance such as High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) UAVs, the power demands will be very different.

Custom Battery Pack Build

Steatite’s UAV capabilities extend well beyond power systems

When it comes to complex autonomous vehicles such as UAVs, Steatite is astonishingly well positioned to provide many of the elements required for reliable operation. In addition to highly reliable battery packs we are able to supply cutting edge communication systems such as high performance antennas, high bandwidth radio datalink systems, and powerful fanless computing and positioning systems, all designed to provide flawless operation in the harshest of environments.

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