Panasonic is one of the largest and most revered battery cell manufactures in the world. The company produces very high quality cells in a large variety of chemistry’s. We are a major Panasonic partner and our expertise in this sector has been recognised with a number of Panasonic awards. We are proud to use Panasonic Lithium-ion cells in our rechargeable battery packs. These high quality components combined with our extensive custom build experience result in battery packs of exceptional reliability.


Founded in 1979, Electrochem is an industry leader in the supply of high quality cells. Electrochem High Rate cells are designed with the highest internal surface area capable of delivering superior continuous and pulsed currents under harsh environmental conditions.

Steatite can configure Electrochem’s High Rate cells in multiple sizes and chemistries to power a wide range of applications.

GP Batteries

GP batteries is one of the largest battery manufacturers in China. Since listing in 1991, the company has rapidly expanded and is now one of the world’s major suppliers of single use and rechargeable cells. GP batteries lithium cells can be found in many of our rechargeable battery packs.

Tadiran Batteries Ltd

Tadiran has developed an enviable reputation for long life, highly reliable Lithium cells. With exceptionally long shelf life, low self discharge, and tolerant to huge extremes of temperature, Tadiran cells form the basis of many of our primary battery packs.

Oxis Energy

Oxis Energy is a UK based developer and manufacturer of next generation Lithium Sulfur cells. With over 200 patents either granted or pending, Oxis is a driving force in making tomorrow’s battery technology a reality today. With ever increasing energy density, Oxis is able to produce cells with greater power yet no increase in weight. We are working closely with Oxis to deliver a new generation of powerful battery packs.

Engineered Power

With legacy of industry experience spanning 40+ years, Engineered Power is the innovative supplier of Li and CFx primary cells designed for extreme down hole applications. Engineered Power makes safe, high quality cells from AAA to E sized, including up to 225°C.

A123 Systems

Headquartered in Michigan and with manufacturing operations in North America, Europe and Asia, A123 systems is a global provider of advanced lithium-ion batteries. 1 million square feet of production space enables A123 to meet rapidly increasing demand for high power battery cells around the world. A123 is a key Steatite partner, enabling us to produce reliable, high power, rechargeable battery packs for use in demanding, power hungry applications..