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Lithium-Ion Standard Battery Packs

High quality and super reliable Lithium-Ion battery packs from a name you can trust.

Using quality lithium-ion 18650 cylindrical cells from manufacturers like Panasonic,  and incorporating industry-standard safety PCBs, Steatite CP lithium-ion batteries offer high capacity in a safe and convenient package.

Each battery has passed safety testing according to UN38.3 regulations. The CP range is suitable for low-medium volume production, prototyping and short lead-time requirements.

CP01343.6v3.4Ah19x19x73mmClick here
CP02343.6v6.8Ah19x38x73mmClick here
CP03343.6v10.2Ah19x56x73mmClick here
CP04347.2v3.4Ah19x38x73mmClick here
CP05347.2v6.8Ah38x38x73mmClick here
CP063410.8v3.4Ah19x56x73mmClick here
CP073414.4v6.8Ah38x74x73mmClick here
CP083414.4v3.4Ah19x74x73mmClick here

Lithium Ion: Features

High Capacity – With energy densities up to 475Wh/L, lithium-ion batteries offer the highest energy in the smallest space and for the lowest weight.

Light Weight – One of the lightest rechargeable battery technologies on the market, lithium-ion batteries are indispensable for modern electronics.

Next-Generation Technology – Higher energy densities are available for selected applications. Contact us for access to ultra-high capacity cells or additional functionality.

UN 38.3 Tested – All Steatite High-Power lithium-ion batteries have passed tests as per UN38.3 regulations and are safe for transport.

Lithium-Ion Battery Shipping

Our CP range of lithium-ion battery packs use lithium-ion cells and are subject to shipping regulations. Certification for the requirements of UN38.3 is held by Steatite, and all Steatite CP batteries fall below 100Wh.

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