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High Temperature Battery Packs

Ultra reliable and highly durable battery packs for high temperature applications such as memory logging production tools

Dependable data capture, where failure isn’t an option, requires highly reliable battery packs to meet demanding power requirements. By choosing Steatite you can be assured of safe and reliable power in the most extreme environments, with operating temperatures up to 200°C. We are firmly established as the premier manufacturer of high temperature lithium battery packs for the downhole oil and gas industry, providing power for many applications including memory logging production tools.

PartPack OCVCapacityOperating temperatureMax continuous current
BAT-01Use BAT-05
BAT-0218.0v5.0Ah50°C to 180°C100mA
BAT-0319.5v6.2Ah-20°C to 150°C500mA
BAT-0418.0v5.0Ah50°C to 180°C100mA
BAT-0519.5v6.2Ah-20°C to 150°C500mA
BAT-0719.5v6.2Ah-20°C to 165°C500mA
BAT-0818.0v4.5Ah70°C to 200°C250mA
BAT-0919.5v6.2Ah-20°C to 165°C500mA
BAT-1019.5v13.0Ah-20°C to 165°C500mA
BAT-1019.5v13.0Ah-20°C to 165°C500mA
BAT-117.8v6.2Ah-20°C to 165°C500mA
BAT-1319.5v26Ah-20°C to 165°C500mA
BAT-1518.0v4.5Ah70°C to 200°C250mA

Full specification

Further specification details can be found by downloading the datasheet here.

Features and Benefits

Steatite offer highly competitive pricing on every battery pack we build, we are also UN3090 certified for air transportation which makes us an idea distributor for fast and worldwide deliveries. We are a UK based business meaning that all of our battery packs are engineered, designed and manufactured within the UK.

Steatite are endorsed by OEM and are also the preferred battery supplier for GE SONDEX

High Temperature Battery Shipping

Steatite high temperature batteries using Lithium cells are Class 9 Dangerous Goods subject to shipping regulations. UN Numbers are indicated on individual datasheets.

Certification for the requirements of UN38.3 is held by Steatite.

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