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As a leader in battery technology Steatite has a strong reputation for providing design and build services to the most demanding industries. Steatite can supply a full range of chemistries including Lithium Batteries, Nickel Metal Hydride and Alkaline.

We will work through all aspects of the battery life including the concept and qualification, through approval testing, full production and end of life disposal.

We promote a cradle to grave concept and wish to engage with our clients through all stages of battery design. Offering the back up of a strong engineering team Steatite customers can be confident in the selection of their cells and battery packs.

As a company, we will endeavour to build long lasting relationships with our customers based on providing reliable battery packs, on time and in a cost effective manner. We will also continue to seek new developments and improvements in technology within our chosen field, providing our customers with sound, impartial advice.

Our Full Range of Products and Services

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