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Military and Security

Steatite is an approved supplier to the UK MoD and other Government authorities, providing a wide range of battery packs and cells for use in demanding operations.

We are familiar with working to the latest Defense Standards and highest quality controls. We are experienced at designing battery packs and systems for Land, Air and Sea operations.

Military operations are conducted with critical equipment and in some of the world’s harshest environments. Using world class cell manufacturers, our customized battery and power solutions help ensure success, mission after mission. Our experience covers a diverse range of devices, including:

Our focus is designing solutions as unique as your requirements. With expertise in mechanical, electrical and design engineering, Steatite ensures the right solution for your next mission critical device.

Steatite - Your partner in design and technology solutions

Did you know that Steatite Ltd has also been a major force in supplying Timing and Frequency Solutions to the MoD for the last 20 years? The current range of Secure Communications Equipment used by the MoD, “HaveQuick Mobile” was designed by Steatite Ltd and is still maintained by us.

We are also instrumental in the design and supply of the upgrade, Saturn Mobile Ground Station (SMGS), which is now being commissioned by the MoD. The GPS timing element included in this system offers a defined future path to the latest Anti Spoofing technology (SAASM.), from the only source currently approved by the US Department of Defense.

We have for many years maintained Precision Timing and Frequency Systems (PTFS) for the MoD. Steatite Ltd originally designed this equipment and is now currently working on new designs with the authority.

  • Our experienced and versatile Engineering Department has the capability and knowledge to design and integrate products into Value Added Technology Solutions for our military customers. 

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