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Lithium Battery's Characteristics

High Battery voltage

  • The Lithium Battery has a nominal voltage range of about 3V~3.6V which is almost doubled than a manganese dry cell.
  • So, you just need 1 Lithium Battery where 2 manganese dry cells are needed.

Light weight, High energy density

  • Because the Lithium metal is very light material and has a high energy density, you could use much longer than conventional batteries.
  • Usually, with the same battery weight, you could use 3-5 times longer than a manganese dry cell.

Operational ability in the low to high temperature range

  • It could be used in the wide range of low to high temperature.
  • It uses the organic solvent as an electrolyte, so could be used in the colder or hotter condition than a manganese dry cell.

Better conservativeness

  • The performance is less weakened during the keeping period than a conventional one, you could use the battery with the better performance for a long time
  • Because the self-discharge rate is 2% per year, so you could use the battery after long time of keeping.

Superior anti-leakage characteristic

  • Because the anode & cathode is separated with a Glass-to-Metal Seal and the electrolyte pouring inlet is welded completely, there is no leakage

High Power Generation

  • Because the spiral(WOUND) structure could be applied, the high-current discharge could be available.


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