Lithium Batteries

Steatite's experience with lithium batteries spans 25 years. Our design engineering team is fully conversant with the design and build of safe battery packs. We offer a free advice service regarding shipping of lithium batteries plus the added comfort of knowing you are dealing with a supplier that designs fully legislative compliant products to the highest standards.

And when you need a custom lithium solution tailored to your specific industry needs, you'll be pleased to know that Steatite have produced specific battery solutions for many industries, including Petrochem, Military and Environment.

Lithium Battery Solutions by Manufacturer

Electrochem Lithium

Electrochem manufacturers a wide selection of high-performance lithium cells and battery packs, including multi-cell packs for extreme environments and load conditions.

Download our Electrochem Product Range as a PDF Datasheet

Tekcell Standard Lithium

A wide range of standard and primary lithium batteries.

Download our Tekcell Product Range as a PDF Datasheet

Oxis Lithium-Sulfur

OXIS Lithium Sulfur cells are the next generation of battery technology, surpassing Lithium-ion which is reaching the limit of its potential.

Downhole Batteries

A range of high energy density batteries to meet the needs of ever smaller and lighter devices.

High Capacity Packs

Lithium Ion Cells from 10 to 200Ah.

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