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Electrochem New Cell Lot Code System

On April 1, 2011, Electrochem will roll-out a standardized lot code system across all primary cell product lines. The new format will migrate the work order number under which each cell was built to become the lot code etched onto the cell.

A ‘Rack No.’ and ‘Cell No.’ will accompany the etched code. For your reference, the new lot codes on all primary cells will exhibit the markings featured below:

Description:Sample Etching:
Lot Code (7 Digits) - Rack No. (2 Digits) - Cell No. (2 Digits) LLLLLLL - RR - CC


This new lot code will significantly increase traceability, allowing improved root cause analysis and more effective continuous improvement processes for our customers. It will also provide a standard reference model across all primary product lines by establishing a foundational system to accommodate future enhancements.

This change will have no adverse effects on delivery. If you have any questions pertaining to this subject matter, please contact your account representative.

Press Contact: James Munger - Group Marketing Manager -

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