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Electrochem change to MSDS


“The MSDS changes are largely responsive to the delivery capabilities of the Class D fire extinguisher. The Class D media delivery system requires the user to get relatively close to the lithium fire. Not a good place to be because the fire burns at very high temps, and having a person get close with a class D extinguisher places that person in a safety hazard situation. The lithium fire of a single cell, while burning extremely hot will burn up the lithium media relatively quickly, exhausting the lithium source. The concern then shifts to addressing the combustion of packaging and adjacent materials along with minimizing collateral damage from a safe distance. These are typically regular combustible materials where water is an acceptable extinguishing media and why copious amounts of water are recommended. The fire fighting  method recommended is “Copious amounts of water,” but not by high pressure jets so as to relocate the lithium source. The combative concept is to contain the fire, remove oxygen from the fire, and cool the materials (including other heated cells/batteries) affected by the lithium fire.”

To download these updates to the MSDS click here.

Press Contact: James Munger - Group Marketing Manager -

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