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Steatite design and build a wide range of downhole batteries and cell packs for use in downhole applications. Our custom battery packs are engineered for use in high temperature, high shock and high vibration applications where performance is critical.

We provide a wide range of specialized high temperature lithium batteries and cell packs designed specifically for downwell/down hole tools used in the petrochemical and offshore industries.

Steatite provides lithium cells and battery packs that deliver dependable power on demand, extremely high reliability and peak performance in the harshest of environments. Major oil services companies and OEM’s rely on Steatite to recommend the right battery and portable power solution.

Following the acquisition of RZ Pressure Limited in 2008, Steatite Batteries have further added to our expertise in the Petrochem and down hole industry with a range of battery packs that are UN approved for transportation. These packs are suitable for use with industry standard tools and gauges.

Lithium Batteries - Number one choice for Measurement While Drilling

The cost to replace discharged cells located deep in the earth’s core is extreme. Electrochem lithium cells and battery packs help reduce replacement cost because they feature the highest energy density available in the industry.

  • Exceptional Temperature Operating Range.
  • High Energy Density.
  • Provide reliable power to MWD tools as they are subjected to temperatures as high as 200°C.
  • Rugged Construction.
  • Cells are capable of withstanding the harsh abuse imposed on MWD tools.
  • Unique Safety Features.
  • High safety features including protective circuitry, fuses and diodes which help ensure safe, reliable power to MWD tools operating in harsh conditions.

Our Lithium Batteries - Number one for pipeline inspection gauges

Pipeline Inspection Gauges (PIGs) place demanding requirements on battery power sources as they help ensure the safe and secure transfer of valuable petroleum resources. Our range of Electrochem lithium cells and battery packs are used to power many of the critical data collection functions of the inspection gauge as it travels over long distances through the pipeline.

Globally major pigging services companies and OEM suppliers rely on Steatite and world class cell manufacturers to ensure that accurate corrosion, weld and pipe integrity data is collected successfully.

The battery used to power the data-collection device affixed needs to provide constant current for the duration of the assignment.

Steatite offer high temperature lithium batteries and cell pack for a wide range of demanding high temperature, high vibration and high shock applications. We stock batteries (including high-temperatute batteries) for downhole and wireline services manufacturers' products, including:

Downwell Applications

  • Bottomhole pressure surveys
  • Drillstem testing
  • Down hole exploration
  • High temperature applications
  • Multi-finger callipers
  • Measurement while drilling (MWD)

Oil and Gas Applications

  • Electronic samplers, timers and triggers
  • Emergency locator equipment
  • Emergency rescue beacons
  • Guidance and control systems
  • Oil and gas production
  • Perforating products
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Pipeline inspection gauges
  • Portable instrumentation
  • Pressure gauges
  • Process control equipment
  • Production logging tools
  • Reservoir analysis
  • Subsea control systems

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