Downhole Battery Applications

Steatite Batteries provide a wide range of specialised high temperature lithium batteries and cell packs designed specifically for downwell/downhole applications used in the petrochemical and offshore industries.

Following the acquisition of RZ Pressure Limited in 2008, Steatite Batteries have further added to our expertise in the Petrochem and down hole industry with a range of battery packs that are UN approved for transportation. These packs are suitable for use with industry standard tools and gauges.

Batteries for downhole tools & downhole sensors
Alpine Tools GRC Tools
Canada Tech Tools Kuster Company
Nan Gall Tools Panex Tools
Pioneer Petrotech Memory Gauges Scientific ATA & HPHT
Sentergy/Probe Tools Sondex Wireline
Spartek Memory Tools Other downhole and surface electronics tool manufacturers
Downhole BatteriesDownhole BatteriesDownhole Batteries


We also offer custom battery packs to meet your exact requirements.

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