Battery Solutions

Custom Battery Solutions

Steatite's vast experience in military and commercial markets, plus our resources and ongoing investment in power source and battery customisation services allows us to meet your precise battery requirements. With Steatite you can be confident of a professional, no compromise quality service.

Steatite offer the very latest high energy lithium phosphate battery technologies, designed to directly replace conventional sealed lead acid batteries. The batteries offer the highest safety and performance and weigh less than half of lead batteries. They are suitable for all unmanned vehicle platform (air, sea and land). Our full range of lithium batteries are designed for use in the most extreme environments.

Modified to meet your specific application needs

Steatite has continually invested in facilities & resources to fully support all its customers demanding project requirements.

Whether just simple additions of MilSpec connectors or designing and integrating full bespoke systems, Steatite has the total capabilities to support your rugged projects.

Resources include:

  • Full mechanical & electronic design service
  • ESD protected production area
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality systems
  • In-house design & development team
  • Extensive successful project management experience

Military and Defence

As an MoD approved supplier with ISO 9001: 2008 approval, Steatite has supplied custom designed & manufactured systems to the defence industry for over 20 years.

We boast a Military secure laboratory facility and employ Military approved staff.

Battery customisation when you need it

Whilst batteries come in all shapes and sizes and a range of chemistries, your may often need a bespoke power solution tailored to meet a specific application need. This is where Steatite excel's. We have in-depth skills in delivering battery solutions customised to your precise needs. Steatite Batteries designs and builds custom batteris for:

  • Use in deep oil wells
  • High reliability, long-life telecomms power sources
  • Military and security power systems and power packs.

Whatever your needs, turn to Steatite for a vast range of custom batteries and custom battery pack solutions. We offer in-house design or build-to-order services on our bespoke battery systems and our batteries can be supplied with:

  • MIL-STD and/or Industrial Connectors
  • Power Conversion
  • Custom Cabling
  • Multi-battery configuration's
  • Custom Modules
  • Custom Colours
  • In House Design Or Build To Order

Speak to us about your battery needs

To find out how Steatite Batteries can assist you with your battery needs, call our specialist team on: 01527 512400 or get in touch using our online enquiry form.

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