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As a market leader in battery technology, we attribute our success to the passion and commitment which we demonstrate through the consistent delivery of high quality, reliable solutions and services that are specifically tailored to our customers' requirements.  

The following stories are just a few examples of how our customers have benefited from our passion and expertise.  

Security Sector – Wireless CCTV

When WCCTV first approached Steatite about a rechargeable battery pack for one of their wireless security cameras, they had a metal case already designed and a prototype had been manufactured. This was cylindrical in shape and was therefore suited only to cylindrical cells.

Security CameraA quote was produced using a cylindrical D size cell and the maximum capacity that could be obtained from the space available was 30Ah.

Following a review of their requirements, WCCTV decided that they would ideally like to double the capacity to 60Ah. Steatite advised that by doing this using these particular cylindrical cells, the dimensions and the price would also be doubled. In addition, this would also require a redesign of the metal work, incurring further costs to an already expensive solution.

In view of this, Steatite arranged further discussions with WCCTV in order to find a more commercially viable solution that would still meet the requirements of the application.

The solution that was proposed was for a 60Ah rechargeable pack using a different kind of cell chemistry. This required a redesign of the metal casing which was undertaken by Steatite's engineering department and manufactured by our trusted and professional metal workers. Casing Redesign
By rethinking and redesigning this pack, it was possible to significantly reduce the price that had been quoted. The redesigned 60Ah pack including the metal work resulted in a 56% reduction in price compared to the 60Ah battery pack, using the cylindrical cells. Furthermore, Steatite's solution also provided a 12% reduction in price when compared with the 30Ah battery pack without metal work from the original quotation.

Therefore, WCCTV not only received a solution that was specifically tailored to meet their exact requirements, but they also benefited from our expertise in terms of their overall expenditure.

Police Force - Surveillance

An order was initially placed with Steatite by one of the larger police technical support units for large capacity C and D cells. However, shortly after the police force advised us that they could no longer use these large capacity lithium cells due to a change in legislation. They were now legally obliged to use only AA lithium cells in all of their operations.

This presented them with a problem; the capacity of C and D cells are significantly larger than that of AA cells, therefore reducing the runtime of their equipment considerably.

Steatite worked with the engineers from the technical support unit to devise a solution which would adhere to the new legislation, without compromising the run time of their equipment. The eventual solution that we proposed involved using small packs made up of AA cells that could be linked together in order to create larger capacity battery packs.

By working with the customer and understanding their requirements we were able to provide a radical new solution, which not only adhered to the new guidelines but also avoided any need to compromise the operation of critical equipment.

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