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Providing higher energy output, longer shelf-life, better leakage resistance and superior low temperature performance.

PROCELL ALKALINE: The professional battery for the professional user

The DURACELL zinc/potassium hydroxide/manganese dioxide battery system, commonly referred to as alkaline or Alkaline Manganese Dioxide, is now recognized as the premium primary zinc anode battery system. It has been selected for consumer, industrial and military applications where an economical and reliable battery is required.


We also offer custom battery packs to meet your exact requirements.

Duracell’s Unique Titanium Technology

Incorporating Duracell’s Unique Titanium Technology for D, C, AA, AAA & 9V sizes, Procell delivers efficient operation at high as well as low discharge rates over a wide range of duty cycles.

These batteries are capable of delivering high current under both continuous and intermittent loads. Operating between 30°C and +70°C subject to load and duty cycle, the batteries are fully sealed and leakproof under all normal conditions. The install date is extended to five years with 85% typical life retention in ambient storage conditions. These batteries fully conform to UK and EC battery legislation.

Advantages compared to zinc-carbon batteries

Its major advantages (compared to the zinc-carbon battery system) are a high energy density; the ability to operate continuously at relatively high discharge rates over a wide temperature range (due to its lower internal resistance); and a shelf life in excess of four years. The cost of the alkaline battery, on a service life basis, is lowest in medium to high drain applications.

Alkaline Battery Shelf Life

Gravimetric energy density comparison

Alkaline cells have long shelf storage life.

After one year of storage at room temperature, cells will provide 93 to 96 percent of initial capacity.

When stored for four years at 70°F (21°C), service of about 85 percent is still attainable. Storage at high temperatures and high humidity will accelerate degradation of chemical cells.

At low temperature storage, the chemical activity is retarded and capacity is not greatly affected.

Recommended storage conditions are 50°F (10°C) to 77°F (25°C) with max 65 percent relative humidity.


Entire Duracell MnO2 - Technical Bulletin Collection - (1024kb PDF)

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