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6 Reasons to Switch from Alkaline to Lithium

When it comes to powering critical applications such as Sonar Devices, Mobile Asset Tracking and Oceanographic Buoys, it makes sense to choose a power source that is reliable, durable and cost effective.

That is why businesses in the Oceanography and Environmental industries are now switching from Alkaline to Lithium for their portable power solutions; recognising that Lithium outperforms Alkaline on every level. Here is why you should be switching too:

Lithium Batteries

  1. Lithium batteries can produce 3 times more energy density than Alkaline, giving you 3 times longer life in your device.
  2. You do not need to replace Lithium batteries as often as Alkaline, giving you savings in transportation, man hours and materials.
  3. Lithium batteries provide you with a more consistent output voltage and more watt and amp hours compared with Alkaline.
  4. With a much broader temperature range (-55° C to +200° C), Lithium batteries are far better suited to extreme critical applications than Alkaline.
  5. Lithium products have a lighter weight than Alkaline meaning lower pack weights, easier field service and easier handling.
  6. In high shock and vibration environments, Lithium is ideal and is proven to consistently outperform Alkaline products.

Isn’t it time you switched to Lithium?


Steatite Lithium battery solutions are trusted on critical oceanographic or coastal engineering missions from acoustic pingers, asset tracking, sea bed equipment and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) to oceanographic buoys.

With a range of battery chemistries to offer including lithium primary and rechargeable batteries, we are experienced at designing unique solutions for oceanographic deployments.

Our clients are able to capitalise on our extensive knowledge and experience producing specialist batteries for oceanographic and environmental applications.



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